Shivpuri Public School, holds the unique destination of being the first CBSE school in . The school has been able to develop all the infrastructural facilities and ambience over the years, required for an holistic development of its students. The school holds a vast campus which is conducive for a quality oriented educational programme.
Class Rooms:
The class rooms are spacious and airy which provide a stimulative ambience for enthusiastic learning. The rooms are happy places and is ensured that the children feel ease to learn and do their work in a comfortable manner.
Techno – based teaching aids:
In order to make the teaching learning learner friendly and learner centric the school has smart class rooms which make learning an interesting and inspiring activity. Teaching is no longer restricted to chalk and talk activity rather it has become vibrant, dynamic and feasible in nature. Digital projection along with constructivist teaching methodology enable the children to become partakers of knowledge creation and construction.
Francis Beacon said “Reading maketh a ready man”. Keeping this view in mind the school has a well developed library with a vast collection of books, periodicals, newspapers and journals making it attractive to the students and teachers as well. At a time when internet and high speed communication systems have been dominant forces is information sharing which normally deprive one of the pleasure of reading, here the children enjoy the pleasure or reading and knowing.
The school has well  Computer apart from the Composite Science Lab for students upto high school classes. The systematic schedule enable the children to learn by doing in an environment of scientific temperament and inquisitive spirit. Due importance is given, for practical training, demonstration, experimentation observation and evaluation! Protect work’s are done in depth with the aid of wide range of reference books, sophisticated instruments and equipments. Knowing well that mathematics at certain times becomes boring and fearful and inorder to keep the children interested and involved the school possesses a Mathematics lab.
Sports and Games:
The school envisages to develop in children a disciplined way of life through various Sports and Games. Through these Programmes and activities related to sports and games; the talents hidden in children are spotted and necessary nurturing programmes are being carried out. Moreover; participation of all students in various Physical Education programmes are ensured to keep them physically and mentally alert and fit. The school has various sports and games programmes such as Football, Cricket, Kabadi, Kho – Kho, Yoga etc apart from different track and field events