From The Director’s Desk

Greetings from Shivpuri Public School, Ashok Nagar. We at SPS, believe that only the educated are really free and therefore it is apt to remark that, the destiny of a nation is shaped within the four walls of a classroom. But these walls should not be an impediment for exploring the world spread outside. Our innovative system of education is aimed at making our students independent learners with a sense of curiosity and explorative mind. The teachers act as facilitators in enabling the children pursue knowledge and imbibe the necessary skills and values.

              SPS, Ashok Nagar Established in 2000, based on the solid foundation of study, success and services. The school has now emerged as one of the leading institutions in this area. The academic excellence as revealed in the results in Board Examinations and exceptional performance of the students in all areas of activities speak volumes of dedication and devotion of work on the part of the teaching staff and other staff ranging from top to bottom. The support of the parent, community and all well wishers in this progress of the school is quite priceless. I appreciate and applaud all of them for their commendable support in ensuring consistent growth and high academic level achievement at all levels.

              We at SPS are  committed to focus on our mission and vision in fulfilling the quality expectations of all stake holders of our school especially the students and the parents.

              With best wishes and warm regards

                      Ashok Thakur

Director, SPS Group of Institutions